World Vision Malaysia

World Vision Malaysia helps the poor to help themselves, working with them to build sustainable futures for their children, families and communities through emergency relief, education, health care, economic development and promotion of justice.

In line with GIN’s policy and the growing emphasis in CSR, GIN encouraged their participants to donate to World Vision Malaysia. We would like to thank our participants below for their kindness who choose to donate their vouchers worth of RM 20.

For more information, please contact World Vision Malaysia at 03-78806414. Below is the list of donations and their details:

Date Donated by Amount Receipt No.
November 2013 Lam Yat Yoong RM 20 2536204
October 2013 Norhidayah Binti Abdul Halil RM 20 2536204
October 2013 Norhayatie Binti Mohd Nasir RM 20 2536204
July 2013 Wan Norsyahidah binti Mohd Salim RM 20 2422302
July 2013 Chan Sow Keong RM 20 2422302
November 2011 Choong Chin Yee RM 20 1796618
November 2011 Janice Tan RM 20 1796618
September 2011 Seow Bao Yan RM 20 1796618
September 2011 Azlina Akashah RM 20 1796618
September 2011 Rozali bin Ithnin RM 20 1796618
July 2011 Mohd Ridzwan RM 20 1796618
June 2011 Wendy Chan Mee Fun RM 20 1520718
June 2011 David Christopher Lim Tuck Wai RM 20 1520718
May 2011 Melissa Tan Hsu-Mei RM 20 1490389
May 2011 Melissa Tan Hsu-Mei RM 20 1490389
May 2011 Suzaimi Bin Safei RM 20 1490389
May 2011 Suzari Said RM 20 1490389
May 2011 Iskandariah Muhamad Erdris RM 20 1490389
April 2011 Jasmine Song Binti Abdullah RM 20 1487686
April 2011 Yoong Kok Sang RM 20 1487686
March 2011 Eugene Chew RM 20 1455541
January 2011 Mohd bin Mohd Ali RM 20 1393372


National Kidney Foundation

In view with the corporate social responsibility programme, GIN contributed a total of RM 4,800.00 to NKF for all four of its workshop held within the month of June to September 2008.

NKF (The National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia) is a non-profit charitable organisation dedicated to helping poor Malaysians suffering from end stage renal (kidney) failure who lack access to or cannot afford dialysis treatment. Learn More.