The CDP (Continuous Development Programme) is built upon a process which stems from the heart of Cognitive Learning Theory. Cognitive training is not only fun and simple but it also helps your brain. It works to solve current problems and change unhelpful thinking processes and behaviours. It is “problem focus” and “action oriented”. One of the important highlights of Cognitive Learning Theory says that certain behaviours are beyond changes, where we accept the flaws and link it with positive behaviours to achieve desire goals. We are not changing people behaviour, but nurture them with the right people and the right environment to give them the needs to change.

Many case studies have shown that effective contribution of an employee is based on the right “fit” with the organization. In order to get the right “fit” from employees, they would need to merge their personal values with the organization values. This will lay the basic foundation for the organization where they will have convicted and loyal work force.

With a convicted work force, organizations then need the skills and competencies. Workplace skills such as problem solving, decision making, communication, and leadership are some of the vitals skills that are needed in this modern economy. With the sufficient skill set, organization will gain competitive edge and lower the risk of variation from the organization strategy. With the right mind set and adequate skills workforce, the organization will be ready to set sail to the route of success.

The program is designed based on these principles where it focuses on:

  • Enhancing right personal values
  • Closing the gap of the personal values with the organization values
  • Develop fundamental yet crucial skills and competencies


Typically 8-12 Days, depending on your goals and the customized modules.

Who Should Attend

Four different levels of CDP are designed by our trainer and specialist for different target audiences as below:

  • Executive Development Programme (EDP)
  • Managerial Development Programme (MDP)
  • Professional Development Programme (PDP)
  • Supervisory Development Programme (SDP)


By the end of the session, you would be able to:

  • to prepare yourself to assume broader, general management responsibilities;
  • to stimulate an awareness of the environment in which the organization operates and the factors that determine its success or failure;
  • to present a framework of practical concepts and philosophies that can be immediately applied in the workplace;
  • to increase productivity and to advance long-term growth potential;
  • to provide an educational meeting ground in which participants study and discuss common problems and exchange ideas;
  • to improve the ability to communicate, negotiate, and influence;
  • to infuse a high level of confidence and competence in participants;
  • to form lasting friendships and networks, thereby widening their circle of business contacts
  • to assist participants with creating an individual development plan.

Course Outlines

Stage 1: Gap Analysis

  • Profiling – It is essential to understand the strengths of each member in the team in
    order to build a strong, balanced and capable group of employees to contribute to all
    organization goals and successes. The BEAR PRINCIPLE is a team specialized profiling tool
    where it aims at improving Leadership skills, Communication skills, Performance &
    Productivity and Teamwork.
  • Leadership Competency Assessment
  • 360 Feedbacks
  • In-class Scenario Assessment

Stage 2: CPD Modules

  • Leading the Organization
    • Change management
    • Problem Solving & Decision Making
    • Strategic planning
  • Leading Others
    • Building collaborative relationships
    • Confronting problem employees
    • Employee development
    • Inspiring commitment
    • Participative management
  • Leading Yourself
    • Organization & Me
    • Balancing personal life & work
    • Career management

Stage 3: Reporting

A report will be generated immediately after the completion of CDP to monitor the progress of the participants. The reports will be based on 3 main criteria as below:

  • The attendance, punctuality, and the participation level of the participants
  • Completion of course assignment
  • Attitudes shown during course

Stage 4: Performance Evaluation

Performance evaluation will take place 3 – 6 months by conducting 360 Degree FEEDBACK after
the completion of CDP.

Contact Us for a CDP Proposal 

Contact us now to know more details and request for a proposal. Please let us know what is your expectation, number of participants, participants’ profiles, preferred date and venue. We are looking forward to hear from you.