Innovation is a critical skill for all organizations in a dynamic and fast changing business landscape in the present globalized world.

Continuous innovation can create a differentiation with an organization’s competitors and also delight it’s customers who may remain loyal and refer their friends the organization’s product or services.

However, for innovation to be successfully implemented in any organization, the management must recognize the fact that they must have an open mind to explore unique and unconventional ideas and be prepared to adopt different and new methods to deliver the selected innovative ideas.

Teaching methodology below are used to ensure participants to understand the topic:

  • Video analysis.
  • Practical innovation exercises :breaking out of the box, forcing connections and changing the rules.
  • Utilizing different evaluation tools to select innovative ideas.
  • Develop the value innovation strategy canvas for their organization.


2 Days

Who Should Attend

Executives, Junior and Middle Management


By the end of the session, you would be able to:

  • Recognize and record their innovative ideas.
  • Motivated to be innovative.
  • Apply their ideas to develop new innovative products and services.
  • Utilize suitable evaluation tools to select innovation ideas.

Course Outlines

Part 1 – General Understanding about Innovation

  • What is the difference between creativity and innovation ?
  • The right brain and left brain influence in innovation.
  • How to be innovative ?
  • Who is an innovator ?
  • What are the 3 key elements of an innovator.
  • The 6 key steps to develop and implement successful innovation.

Part 2 – The 2 Key Factors in the Innovation Process

  • Forcing Connections.
  • Changing The Rules.
  • Case Studies and Analysis.

Part 3 – Evaluation Tools to Select Innovative Ideas

  • Grid Analysis.
  • Return On Investment.
  • Net Present Value.
  • Internal Rate of Return.

Part 4 – Value Innovation

  • What is Value Innovation ?
  • Mapping competitors value curve.
  • How to develop the value innovation curve by applying the ERRC Strategy.
    • Eliminate
    • Reduce
    • Raise
    • Create
  • Establishing the Value Innovation canvas of your organization.

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