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21/Sep/2016 - 22/Sep/2016

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Armada Hotel PJ


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The Creative Thinking & Problem solving is designed for you to realize two major areas. Firstly to enhance Problem solving methodology, second is to make them realize the individual’s potential in Creative Thinking. The session will be an experiential learning incorporated with subject related activities and processes.

Executives, engineers, technical specialist, managers, general managers, directors and entrepreneurs, are encouraged to attend this session.

By the end of the session, you would be able to:

  • Clearly define any problems at work place
  • Be more sensitive in looking at details of a problem
  • Learn understandable and applicable problem solving tools
  • Analyze the alternative in problem solving process
  • Be wise to chose alternative solution
  • Evaluate application
  • Discover variety in problem solving tools
  • Understand the ability of your Brain
  • Realize the creativity in yourselves
  • Overcome mental block in creativity thinking
  • Synergize thoughts and action
  • Unleash your potential in creative thinking and problem solving

The course will be delivering through a combination of Metaphoric and Learning-By-Doing approach, where as the participants will be going through various simulation scenario which interact with the subject itself. At each stage, the participants will need to exercise the skills that been taught and practice them to self-develop their level of skills.

Active learning activities are included to allow participants to engage actively in the learning process. Besides that, leading the participants through these activities will enable better understanding on the concepts. The active learning activities are such as:

  • Group discussions
  • Case studies
  • Interactive storytelling
  • Team Experiential Learning
  • Brainstorming

Module 1: What is a Problem?

  • Defining “Problem”
  • Importance of defining the Issue
  • Exercise: Paper Aircraft

Module 2 : Problem Solving Process

  • Determine Problem
  • Identify Objective
  • Analyze Alternative
  • Chose Alternative
  • Apply
  • Evaluate
  • Exercise: Group work on problem solving process

Module 3: Tools for Problem Solving

  • Relativity Approach
  • Brainstorming
  • Repositioning
  • Exercise: Group and individual work on tools

Module 4: Conditioning Your Mind

  • Dominating brain
  • Effective of Left Brain
  • Effective of Right Brain
  • Method to activate both sides of the Brain
  • Exercise: Individual assessment and sharing

Module 5: Innovation in You

  • Breaking the Mental blocks
  • Synergize the thoughts and action
  • Exercise: Group Role Play

Module 6: Innovative Thinking

  • Mental Conditioning
  • Thinking outside of the Box
  • Un-limit the Limit
  • Exercise: Group and individual activity to improve Creativity


Nathan has over 20 years of extensive experience in the training industry. Coached by world renowned gurus such as Bob Proctor, Phillip Teal and Chris Newton, Nathan has trained more than 10000 people towards achieving excellent in performance. His clients came from such diverse industries as service providers, manufacturing, multinationals, corporate organizations, insurance industry, hotel industry, and network marketing industry.

An entrepreneur himself, Nathan co-founded a chemical supply company in 1997. During his tenure in the company, he shows excellent entrepreneurship skills where he solve matters of employee work performance and grievances, as well as overcome other business challenges. He expanded 3 new branches within a year and achieves tremendous positive growth for the company. Later, he left the company and devoted his time in training and developing others to live their life in fullness.

In 2011, Nathan took up a challenge where he was attached with an international insurance company. His goals were to grow the northern region agencies. Within a year time, he manages to lead the agencies to achieve a sales growth of 200% in new business by applying systematic approach in coaching and counseling.

Nathan is a versatile trainer who is innovative in his approach and deliverance. Based on experiential learning technique, his high spirited interactive deliverance and friendly and calm approach enables his participants to absorb the essence of his trainings with utmost ease. His ability to connect closely with the participants helps to build good rapport and enhances the learning process and relationship of trainer-trainee.

This workshop is fully claimable under

  • HRDF SBL Scheme

Kindly checks with your training department to make sure you are eligible.

RM 1690 per participant. The fees includes workshop materials, certificate of attendance, refreshment and lunch only. There will be an additional charge of 6% GST.

Early-Bird Discount
You will entitle 5% Early-Bird Discount if you register 30 days before this workshop begins.

Group Discount
You will entitle discount below if you send 3 or more delegates:

  • 3 participants (5% discount)
  • 5 participants (7% discount)
  • 8 participants (10% discount)


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