Why Inhouse Training?

Inhouse training is often a more cost effective solution when training a number of staff for the same training requirement. Your training needs can be customized and aligned with your organisation’s culture, work procedures and strategic vision. In addition in-house training can run where, when and how you want it.

For more than 10 years, GIN have supported business and industry with quality customized training. Choose any training topic below and contact us directly to discuss your company’s present and future training needs.

Inhouse Training Framework - ADDIE Model

In GIN, we will work with you to modify courses or develop one to meet the specific requirements of your business. To assure your investment on training is not wasted and to maximize the value of the in-house program, we apply the ADDIE model – a dynamic, flexible guideline for building effective training and performance support tools. You may learn more about ADDIE model here.

Inhouse Training Topics

Personal Development

Analytical and Thinking Skills

Business Writing

Continuous Development Programme (CDP)

Interpersonal Skills

Leadership & Management

Presentation Skills

Stress and Time Management

Customer Service & Sales

Finance & Accounting

Human Resource

Logistic Management

Manufacturing (Production)

Office Management

Purchasing and Supply Management

Quality, ISO and Six Sigma

Training and Development

Training in Chinese (培训课程)

  • 有效管理工作情商 (EQ at Work)
  • 批判性思维和创造性思维 (Effective Problem Solving & Creative Thinking)
  • 成为强大的谈判者(Become A Powerful Negotiator)
  • 如何在工作上建立有效的沟通方式 (Effective Workplace Communication)
  • 职场上的人际关系技巧 (Interpersonal Skills at Workplace)
  • B.E.A.R 个性评估 (B.E.A.R. Principle Personality Assessment)
  • 领导力培训 (Leadership Training)
  • 有效的辅导技能 (Effective Coaching Skills)
  • 如何领导Y世代 (Leading & Engaging Generation Y Workforce)
  • 跨越世代的职场 (Working Across Generation)
  • 经理人NLP (NLP for manager)
  • 销售人员NLP (NLP for Sales Personnel)
  • 专业演讲技巧 (Professional Presentation Skills)
  • 有效的时间管理 (Effective Time Management)
  • 如何成为优秀的客户服务代表 (Excellent Customer Service Representative)
  • 如何专业地处理客户投诉 (Handling Customer Complaints Professionally)
  • 培训师训练 (Train the Trainer)