Decision Making & Problem Solving are essential skills for your personal life and career. Each day we are faced with a range of problems and decisions that need a thoughtful and rational reaction. With the Creative Decision Making & Problem Solving course, you’ll learn skills like how to identify options, conducting research, weighing options, applying problem-solving steps and tools, identifying appropriate solutions and making rational decisions based on facts and good judgment.

The session is designed to be an experiential learning process with fun and interactive elements to ensure participants participation. Participants will able to test their creativity in-order to sharpen their decision making skill. They will be inspired by trainers approach to give their best of performance at work.


2 Days


By the end of the session, you would be able to:

  • Clearly define any problems at work place
  • Be more sensitive in looking at details of a problem
  • Learn understandable and applicable problem solving tools
  • Analyze the alternative in problem solving process
  • Be wise to chose alternative solution
  • Think for creative and Innovatively
  • Overcome mental block in creativity thinking
  • Improvise your decision making process

Course Outlines

Module 1: Impact of paradigm shift in Problem Solving  

  • Ready for change in thoughts & action
  • Impact towards organization
  • Importance of defining the problem
  • Activity: Discovering work-place problems

Module 2: Barrier in execution of solutions 

  • Types of communication
  • Types of people
  • Choice of execution
  • Activity: Role plays on communicating the solution

Module 3: Creative Thinking in problem solving 

  • Mental block in creative thinking
  • Thinking outside of the Box
  • Un-limit the Limit
  • Activity: Group activity to improve Creativity

Module 4: Problem Solving Process

  • Define and determine Problem
  • Identify objective
  • Display objective clearly
  • Brainstorming
  • Repositioning or alternative
  • Gathering the right minds for solution
  • Tools of problem solving
  • Activity: group work on problem solving process

Module 5: Aptitude in Decision Making

  • Challenges in decision making
  • Personality types in decision making
  • Decision Making process
  • Practice decision making skill

Module 6: Decision Making in Problem Solving

  • Effective & Efficient in problem solving
  • Respond to decisions
  • Build leadership skill in decision making
  • Action Plan

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