This course will teach your employees to understand difficult personalities and equip them with savvy strategies to gain the control of situations and deal with poor behavior so that the repetitive patterns finally cease. Your employees will never again be defenseless when facing the intimidating and impossible behavior of others.


2 Days

Who Should Attend

Executives, engineers, technical specialist, managers, general managers, directors and entrepreneurs, are encouraged to attend this session.


By the end of the session, you would be able to:

  • Identify the characteristics of difficult people in your life and why they behave as they do
  • Explain negativity and its causes
  • Examine how your personal beliefs and values play into the way you deal with difficult people
  • Discover your conflict style and adopt an approach that meets the conflict situation
  • Employ Interest-Based Relational Approach to keep controversial discussion positive and avoid aggression that often causes conflict to spin out of control
  • Apply Conflict Resolution Model to resolve conflict through proven systematic framework
  • Assess each difficult people to enable you to make good decision on how to handle each situation you face
  • Identify tools to help your communication with difficult people, and receive a process model to guide you through the interaction
  • Manage superiors expectation with five simple steps, and gain practical tips in dealing with your superiors and co-workers
  • Employ Six Intervention Model to solve employee performance problems
  • Guide your difficult customers towards a better outcome with LEAD model, and techniques in calming your upset customers
  • Build your confidence in interpersonal interaction
  • Extend your professional skills and add your career value

Course Outlines

Meet the Difficult People at Your Workplace

  • Understand the impact of difficult people towards your life. Identify the difficult people you have to dealt with at your workplace, and recognize the characteristics and common types of difficult people.

People Negativity

  • Understand what negativity is and where it come from, and discover the 5 major sources that caused people negativity: Needs, Values, Self-Esteem, Attitudes and Norms

Are You a Difficult Person to Others?

  • Appreciate people beliefs and values contribute to their action, and assess your own beliefs and values in contributing your approaches towards the difficult people. Identify your personality profile, conflict styles and how you responses to negativity.

Conflict Resolution

  • Apply Interest-Based Relational Approach and Conflict Resolution model to resolve conflict in workplace.

Tools and Communication Techniques for Dealing with Difficult People

  • Introduce risk assessment questionnaire to conduct the risk before you decide to deal with the difficult people, and communication framework in dealing with types of difficult people.

Dealing with Difficult Superiors and Co-workers

  • Tips in dealing with difficult superiors and co-workers, and apply 5 simple steps to manage your superior’s expectation.

Dealing with Difficult Employees

  • Identify the common types of difficult employees and apply the Six Intervention Model to solve employee performance problems.

Dealing with Difficult Customers

  • Apply the LEAD model to maintain your composure in difficult situation with the customers, and practice the 10 steps framework to calm an upset customer.

Putting Up Your Action Plan

  • Map out your action plan by applying what you have learned to practice it in your workplace.

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