Delivering quality customer service requires knowledge, forethought and a great deal of concentrated effort doing “the right things”. This course aims to show the participants what these “right things” are, and help them to attain it through a straight forward, step-by-step process.


2 Days

Who Should Attend

Customer service executives, supervisors, support staff, sales personnel and front-liner who are in constant contact with customers.


By the end of the session, you would be able to:

  • Understand the importance of excellent customer service to improving your business
  • Gain insights into the needs and expectation of customers
  • Define the customer service process and foster a service culture in a company
  • Identify your product service knowledge and learn the necessary level of product service knowledge that is require for excellent customer service
  • Recognize and improve the core skills for excellent customer service skills – communication and organizing skills
  • Understand the importance of your first encounter with the customer and impress them by immediately building good rapport with them
  • Develop effective listening skills and questioning techniques to obtain useful information from the customer
  • Respond appropriately to various customers
  • Adjust customer expectation when necessary, and work towards solutions
  • Identify the common causes of customer’s upsets and avoid behaviors that irritates them
  • Use proven framework to calm upset customer
  • Build your confidence in meeting with future customer service challenges
  • Extend your professional skills and add your career value

Course Outlines

The Importance of Excellence Customer Service

  • Appreciate the importance of customer service to business success, and understand the cost of poor customer service

Know Your Customers

  • Who are your customers, what they want, what they don’t want, and how could you satisfy them

Essentials Skills for Excellent Customer Skills

  • Product service knowledge – appreciate the needs of you to understand your own product or service
  • Communication skill – understand the importance of clear communication when serving the customers
  • Organizing skill – learn how to organize your task and time to deliver timely service to the customer

Greeting the Customers

  • Understand the impact of the ‘moment of truth’, and apply techniques to immediately build rapport with your customer

Listening to the Customers and Ask the Appropriate Questions

  • Learn the 4 actions that could improve your listening skills and diagnose your customer situation by asking the right types of question

Responding to the Customers

  • Apply systematical framework to respond to different type of customers, the appropriate word to use, and adjust the customers expectations when it’s needed.

Resolving the Customer Issues

  • Learn how to ‘WOW’ the customers by resolving their issues and the value of going to the extra mile

Working with the Upset Customers

  • Understand why customers get upset and apply the 10 steps framework to calm an upset customer

Putting into Practice

  • Develop your skills and apply what you have learned in the real world.

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