Effective “Face to Face” Customer Service Workshop provides the answers to excellent customer service. What makes a customer feels good? How can it go from good to great? How does your attitude affects the customer service? What are the most effective ways to handle difficult customers? Participants will learn what exceptional customer service is, how to project a great image with positive and “can-do” belief during this fun and interactive workshop.


1 or 2 Days

Who Should Attend

The workshop is ideal for both new and experienced executives who wish to develop their skills, confidence and knowledge to deliver excellent customer service.


By the end of the session, you would be able to:

  • Understand the importance of providing customer service excellence to both internal and external customers
  • Understand different customer types and how to deal with each type
  • Putting personal touch to customers
  • Applying various communication skills depending on different situations
  • Learn professional interpersonal telephone skills to cover daily operation
  • Learn face-to-face communication skills to cover daily operation
  • Know how to spot and ask the right questions to build an understanding and rapport with the customer
  • Know the importance of listening and how to listen, especially when dealing with difficult customer
  • Use summarizing skills to conclude each transaction confidently and professionally
  • Know how to handle customer complaints calmly and professionally
  • Develop an action plan and apply the results in the workplace

Course Outlines

Module 1 – Exploring the role of customer service in your organisation and the need to ensure it is reflected in daily operation

Module 2 – What to do to make the right first impression

Module 3 – Important of personal touches

  • What personal touches we can put in each interaction with customer
  • Type of customers and different situation

Module 4 – Pitfalls in day to day interaction

  • Identifying what can go wrong when dealing with a customer face-to-face and on the telephone
    how to avoid or resolve it

Module 5 – The essentials of customer service

  • Initial introductions – making a positive first impression
  • Creating rapport
  • Owning each transaction and taking responsibility
  • See it through to the end

Module 6 – Questioning, listening and communicating information skills

  • Using the right questions
  • How to show you are listening
  • Using positive language and phrases consistently

Module 7 – Difficult situations and complaints

  • Responding appropriately in difficult situations
  • Dealing with anger
  • Using the proven techniques

Module 8 – Practicing applying the skills and knowledge

  • Planning to put the learning to work

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