This course let participants gain useful tips on how to write effective business email and letters. Good writing skills communicate intelligence, professionalism, and competency. The purpose of writing is achieved through the finest quality usage of tone and choice of words to make people feel comfortable, happy and willing to negotiate for mutual agreement.


2 Days

Who Should Attend

Non-executives, Executives, Secretaries, Administrative, Sales & Marketing, Purchasing, Human Resource and Other Departmental Officers who wish to write Business Email, Business Letter and Memorandum professionally to the Staff, Supervisors, Managers, Suppliers and Customers.


By the end of the session, you would be able to:

  • Convey the message professionally
  • Gain trust as an expert of the subject matter
  • Guide the readers and get to the point
  • Communicate your planning
  • How to justify the logical points in writing
  • How to negotiate for mutual agreement

Course Outlines

Module – Elements of Business Writing

  • English Grammar
  • Big, Small, Title Case Rules
  • Alignment writing
  • Spacing Writing
  • Punctuation
  • Tone and Choice of Words: How to Say It Professionally
  • How to Create an Attractive Subject Line, Introduction, Body and Conclusion

Module – Business Email for Administration

  • How to enquire
  • How to inform
  • How to explain and elaborate the points
  • How to make meeting a compulsory attendance
  • How to invite
  • How to leave a message
  • How to gain feedback
  • How to make complain
  • How to apologize
  • How to give notice and advices

Module – Business Email for Sales & Marketing

  • How to introduce yourself and company for the first time meeting
  • How to connect with customer and make appointment
  • How to understand customer’s needs
  • How to analyze customer’s personality
  • How to convince customer to accept your suggestion
  • How to clarify
  • How to negotiate pricing, transportation, payment terms
  • How to prepare attractive sales proposal
  • How to handle customer complaint
  • How to get referral and follow up for next purchase

Module – Business Email for Purchasing

  • How to introduce your company and make an appointment
  • How to enquire for the products and quotation
  • How to negotiate pricing, delivery, terms and conditions
  • How to make arrangement
  • How to confirm the order
  • How to acknowledge receipt
  • How to complain of dissatisfaction

Module – Business Email for Accounts & Finance

  • How to request for payment
  • How to request statement and invoices
  • How to send friendly payment reminder
  • How to write letter with legal advice on bad payment
  • How to clarify payment status
  • How to apologize of payment miscommunication

Module – Business Email for Production, Research & Development

  • Passive Voice
  • How to write get to the point
  • How to interpret charts and graphs
  • How to summarize reports
  • How to clarify
  • How to explain
  • How to suggest
  • How to write Technical Report
  • How to write Project Proposal

Module – Common Errors in Business Writing

  • Checklist for Business Writing
  • The Importance of language, culture and identity
  • English Grammar
  • Keeping your writing clear and simple

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