Improper written and design of HR Documentations can result in the Labour Court and the Industrial Court ruling in favour of employees and costly monetary compensation.

This course is designed to provide useful tips to participants to develop critical writing skills for drafting of relevant HR Documentations. And to understand and recognize the salient and sensitive points to be observed when drafting HR Documentations, to avoid the elements that will turn your documents and practices into liabilities.

You will get to explore and discover the technicalities and ‘know-how’ to effectively implement the relevant Employment Act and requirement to your HR documentations


2 Days

Who Should Attend

The workshop is designed for Human Resources Managers and Executives who involved n drafting HR documentations.


By the end of the session, you would be able to:

  • Identify and understand the proper use of language, words and terminology in drafting Human Resource Documentations.
  • Ensure your HR Documents are in line with the Employment Act and relevant legislations.
  • Ensure your HR Documents convey your management communications.
  • Ensure your HR Documents are persuasive and convincing, but assertive when necessary.
  • Ensure your Forms and Templates are concise and uncomplicated.
  • Safeguard the interest of your Organization by avoiding vague and unclear meanings.
  • Build your confidence while working with the HR professionals.
  • Build a more productive relationship with the top management.
  • Extend your professional skills and add your career value.

Course Outlines

Introduction to Employment Law

  • Recognize the power of Labour Department and the obligation of employer

Familiarize Employment Act 1955

  • Employer / Employee Relationship
  • Employment Contracts
  • Employer / Contractor
  • Employment of Women
  • Employment of Child and Young Person

Appointment Documentation

  • Design effective Application Form to avoid ‘horror hired’
  • Formulate Appointment Letter to include legal elements of ‘invitation’, ‘offer’ ‘consideration’ & ‘acceptance’
  • Terms & Conditions to be included as per Employment Act requirement

Employment Documentations

  • Insert of safety clauses
  • The validation of automatic confirmation
  • Bona’ Fides or Mala’ Fides transfer
  • Refusal of transfer

Compensation & Benefits

  • Understand the Principles of Natural Justice
  • The application of Natural Justice in Domestic Inquiry
  • Wages
  • Normal Hours of Work
  • Overtime
  • Public holidays
  • Rest Day
  • Annual Leave
  • Unpaid Leave
  • Sick Leave and Hospitalization
  • Maternity Leave

Employee Development Documentations

  • Things to be aware on Promotion Letter
  • The appropriate Leave Form and Claim Form
  • Customized your Training Needs Analysis to your organization’s objectives and direction
  • Customized your Appraisal Form using KPI/KRA system to be in alignment with your organization’s vision, mission and core values

Disciplinary and Grievances Practices

  • Termination of Contracts
  • Breach of Contracts
  • Termination, Lay-off and Retrenchment Benefits
  • Recognize the purpose of disciplinary
  • Faulty Charge Sheet that lose the case
  • Template of Termination Letter on termination upon DI, acceptance of normal termination, termination upon retirement and employment after retirement
  • The appropriate Counseling Form, Exit Interview Form, Resignation Checklist, etc

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