Work efficiency is an art for career fulfillment. Positive attitudes are essential force to drive a person to achieve satisfactory in task taken. The session will be highly motivating with varieties of ideas, techniques and approaches to sustain their performance level. Participants will learn and understand the urgency and importance of their roles and responsibilities at workplace. Session will be guiding them to manage challenges and obstacle of least expected moments.


2 Days

Who Should Attend

Leaders, Heads, Managers, Supervisors, Senior Executives, Executives and anyone wishing to gain insights on the essentials to better manage their time more effectively to maximize productivity.


By the end of the session, you would be able to:

  • Improve self-image and take pride in professional career
  • Improve human relations skills with bosses, staffs and employees of other departments.
  • Work with limited resources (Budgets, Manpower and Deadlines)
  • Develop right attitudes towards organizational successes.
  • Learn to lead and empower your sub-ordinates to accomplish given tasks.
  • Be role-player by being effective and pro-active person at work-place.
  • Manage time and work more productively
  • Managing constrain (NO) situations well
  • Learn the importance of continuous learning process.
  • Create an encouraging environment to work.
  • Have confidence in daily work life

Course Outlines

Module 1 – Efficiency Vs Effectiveness

  • The definition
  • The comparison

Module 2 – Roles and Responsibilities of Being Part of The Organization

  • The need of efficiency at workplace
    • Personal growth
    • Organisation growth
  • Positive and negative understanding on roles and responsibilities work
  • The office organization and the skills required as an effective person
  • Image creation for career fulfillment
  • Activity: Personality assessment and self display

Module 3 – Attitude towards Organizing Your Work

  • Learn to organize work by using Positive Mental Attitude.
  • Tackling Procrastination
    • Why We Procrastinate
    • Ways to Overcome Procrastination
  • The process to complete task.
  • Activity: Group work for new ideas

Module 4 – Scheduling Yourself

  • The Simple Secret of Successful Time Management
  • Developing a Tracking System
  • Scheduling Appointments
  • Scheduling Tasks
  • Activity: Time analysis and priority setting – individual work

Module 5 – Managing The Expectations of Your Superiors

  • What is your reception towards instruction?
  • Common challenges on instruction / request
  • Role towards challenges
  • Action plan / process to overcome and manage challenges
  • Activity: Group discussion and process planning

Module 6 – How to Maintain Positive & Healthy Working Relationship

  • Acquire the tips and techniques to manage your relationships in the office
  • Influencing without negative impact with peers and subordinates
  • Activity: Role play

Module 7 – Managing Changes and Adapt to Professional Work Culture

  • Listing the current changes
  • Necessity to adaptation
  • Developing Positive Work Ethics
  • Assess your self-image
  • Recognize what constitutes a good self-image
  • Activity: Action plan towards efficiency and positive work attitude

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