Purchasing plays an important role in the profitability and success of every business. The way the purchasing function is managed and run will greatly influence the company’s bottom line. This programme aims to provide Purchasing personnel with the knowledge to be efficient, effective and ultimately to purchase materials and services at the best prices without sacrificing quality and service. It highlights on how Purchasing personnel can help to increase productivity and achieve savings through effective purchasing.


2 Days

Who Should Attend

Purchasing Managers, Purchasing Executives and Purchasing Officers.


By the end of the session, you would be able to:

  • understand the operational, financial and marketing strategies of procurement;
  • obtain up-to-date negotiations techniques and effective guides in preparing a negotiation;
  • master the cost reduction process and techniques in procurement;
  • develop competency and commitment in cost reduction responsibilities;
  • understand the benefits of benchmarking application in procurement management;
  • master the five crucial stages of benchmarking implementation process; and
  • improve the procurement functions and contribute to organisation’s efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Course Outlines

Module 1 – Definition of Procurement

  • Roles and responsibilities of procurement
  • Operational strategies
  • Financial strategies
  • Marketing strategies
  • The 5 ‘Rights’ of procurement

Module 2 – Procurement Profitability And Added Value

  • The evolution of procurement
  • Procurement and the change
  • Buyer’s and seller’s strengths matrix

Module 3 – Negotiation In Procurement

  • What to negotiate?
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Negotiation guides to preparation
  • The 6 basic steps in negotiation
  • The 3 categories in negotiation
  • Summary of bargaining stages
  • 7 Critical mistakes in negotiation
  • General rules in negotiation

Module 4 – Cost Reduction Techniques

  • Purchasers’ cost reduction responsibilities
  • Changing the roles of procurement and its perception
  • Cost reduction process
  • ABC cost reduction analysis, Stock Aging and Stock Valuation
  • Direct materials cost reduction
  • Indirect Materials Cost Reduction (MRO items)
  • Suppliers cost reduction responsibilities
  • Developing procurement personals’ KPI/KRA

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