Erratic! Irrational! Incongruent! These are some commonly placed labels projected on young team members who have recently entered the workforce. Commonly known as Generation Y (Gen-Y), this group of young, vibrant and talented members of your team could be the powerhouse which your organization needs. Understanding and taming these seemingly wild horses pose as a challenge to many in management. This two days program provides the missing link into deciphering and leading this unique group through an effective knowledge of personality and the non-monetary leadership.


2 Days

Who Should Attend

Intended for people who recruit, manage or train employees of the new generation. Also intended for people who simply want to understand how this generation’s values, world views, experiences and skills will change what is required to organize and manage your business.


By the end of the session, you would be able to:

  • Understand the differences between generations
  • Understand the motivating factors of Gen-Ys
  • Understand the role and impact of Gen-Ys in today’s world
  • Engage Gen-Ys through the SABAR Model
  • Create and make work significant for Gen-Ys
  • Employ appropriate flexibility for Gen-Ys
  • Provide relevant feedback through understanding Gen-Ys
  • Communicate with Gen-Ys through their language of appreciation

Course Outlines

Who are Gen-Ys?

  • Discover the differences between generations
  • Discover the shaping force of generations
  • Discover who Gen-Ys really are

Why Gen-Ys Behave the Way They Behave?

  • Revisit Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to better understand the personality and behavior of different generations
  • Discover the new form of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs for Gen-Ys at the workplace

Why Gen-Y?

  • Discover the impact of Gen-Ys in today’s workplace
  • Discover their roles in working with Gen-Ys in today’s workplace
  • Discover Gen-Ys role in their career success

Bridging the Gap through SABAR – Gen-Y Engagement Through the Emotional Bank Account and the SABAR Mode

  • Discover how to develop and deposit into the emotional bank accounts of Gen-Ys
  • Introduced to the SABAR Model for better Gen-Y engagement

Bridging the Gap through SABAR 1 – Significant Work

  • Discover how to develop meaningful / significant work for Gen-Ys
  • Discover ways to infuse meaning to normal day to day work / projects for Gen-Ys

Bridging the Gap through SABAR 2 – Allowing Flexibility at Work

  • Define, design, develop and deploy a system of flexibility to be implemented in the workplace

Bridging the Gap through SABAR 3 – Be Their Coach

  • Discover essential ways of being a coach to Gen-Ys
  • Discover effective ways of delivering feedback and connecting with Gen-Ys

Bridging the Gap through SABAR 4 – Appreciation

  • Discover the five language of appreciation
  • Discover their own language of appreciation
  • Discover how each language of appreciation should be used for best effect

Bridging the Gap through SABAR 5 – Respond, Not React

  • Discover a failsafe plan should all other methods fall apart in leading Gen-Ys
  • Discover a self management technique when engaging a hard to manage Gen-Y

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