Change in the business environment is occurring at an accelerating pace. The message for companies in the twenty-first century is crystal clear: if you don’t drive your business, you will be driven out of business. Responsive organizations will emerge as change winners, while reactive organizations will become change victims. Success goes to organizations whose managers mobilize their people and unleash their competence, creativity and commitment. Effective management is not an exclusive club for those who were born with it. To be effective is the job of the managers. ‘To effect’ and ‘to execute’ are after all, near-synonyms. The traits of effective management can be
acquired. Systematic competency profiling is the key to effective management development program. Competency profiling is the process of defining the required competency and assessment of the current competency to determine competency gap. Ability to define competency gap is the key towards implementing effective management development program.


2 Days

Who Should Attend

The workshop is specially designed for HR Practitioners and Head of Department who required necessary human resource management skills to minimize employee’s issues.


By the end of the session, you would be able to:

  • Define competency profiling
  • Explain why competency profiling is critical for effective management development program.
  • Describe key characteristics of competency dictionary.
  • Explain the process of determining management competency gap.
  • Determine effective training and non training intervention to bridge the competency gap?

Course Outlines

Competency Profiling – Fundamental Principles

  • What are competencies?
  • Levels of competency
  • Types of competency

Competency Profiling – Why?

  • Ineffective training due to ‘prescription without diagnosis
  • Individual and organization competitiveness
  • The linkage between competency and performance development initiatives

Key Characteristics of Competency Dictionary

  • What is competency dictionary?
  • Why competency dictionary is critical in competency profiling?
  • How to develop competency dictionary?

How to Determine Management Competency Gap?

  • How to determine current competency level?
  • How to determine required competency level based on organizational needs?
  • How to determine competency gap?

How to Bridge Competency Gap?

  • Training intervention
  • Non training intervention

Personal Action Plan

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