“Nero Leadership Programme” (NLP) is a customized module based on Nero Linguistic Programming to empower executives and managers to be more effective and productive in any organisation. This program will enhance their abilities by reinforcing qualities like leadership and efficiency in their daily task. Participants will experience the transformation process by applying NLP technique in the session.

The purpose of using NLP approach is to what we know success is based on 80% Psychology & 20% Action. NLP has been proven by psychological approach and thereafter will be the 20% of action that they make.

Participants will learn simple and practical strategies in demonstrating effective rapport building and the easy way to influence others by applying the NLP concepts.


2 Days

Who Should Attend

Executive, Senior Executive, Managers, first-time managers and prospective managers are strongly encouraged to attend this session.


By the end of the session, you would be able to:

  • The significant reason to build middle managements strength in organisation.
  • To discover the fundamental role of middle management
  • Mastering the art of understanding people at workplace.
  • Discovering the need of NLP career development.
  • To build positive self impression when interacting with others by applying the NLP approach
  • Know the impact of behavioral elements, personality traits, thinking preferences and emotional qualities when interacting with all levels of people
  • Lead others by demonstrating tact, diplomacy, professionalism, composure, confidence sensitivity, focus and win-win agreement
  • Present compelling arguments, thus leading other parties to a mutually beneficial agreement by using the right influencing strategies and language
  • Apply the concepts of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) in your leadership for higher performance and desired results.

Course Outlines

Positive and negative impact by middle management team to an organisation

  • The impact of an middle management
  • Centre of influence in middle management towards the impact in organisation
  • Cause of the impact towards organisation growth

Introduction to NLP for middle management  

  • How can NLP help you?
  • How do you sense the world?
  • What is representational system?
  • How can you filter the data you receive from the world to get optimum results?
  • What is meta-programming?
  • What are NLP presuppositions?

Applying NLP Techniques in middle management

  • Getting to know people by observing their body-language
  • Managing perception about others
  • Conditioning one’s mind
  • How to use NLP principles to establish rapport
  • Sharpening the active listening skills
  • Handling objections and resistance tactfully
  • Demonstrating composure, focus and confidence
  • Proactive communication skills demonstration
  • Benefits of having effective engaging skills
  • Core ingredients of effective engagement
  • Influencing, persuading and relating with people

Enhance your efficiency in middle management. 

  • Boosting the self-confidence and congruence level
  • Appealing to others’ reason, emotions, values and beliefs
  • How to deal with your inner voice?
  • How to replace your mental criticism with positive, confidence boosting attitude?
  • How to use NLP to increase the efficiency at workplace?

Action Plan Development

  • Appraising the current influencing effectiveness
  • Determining immediate areas of improvements
  • A personalized action plan development

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