Procurement & Inventory functions are key contributors to enterprise competitiveness and profitability. When an organization is dealing with buying, manufacturing goods and selling them, obviously, the business needs inventory to survive and gain competitiveness. Thus, understand the supply chain strategies are essential to better manage the inventory.

What are some of the techniques and knowledge that can be explored in order to achieve the common goal of an organization? How do organizations create and form an effective procurement and inventory management?

This program will highlight the importance of obtaining Supply Chain Management concepts & strategies, roles & responsibilities of Procurement & Inventory functions, at the same time exploring ABC prioritization techniques in inventory, identifying and managing suppliers, and learning some of the related supply chain strategies. It is structured to equip the participants with an overview of the procurement and inventory functions incorporate with supply chain strategies so to stimulate effective practices in the manufacturing industries.


2 Days

Who Should Attend

Procurement & Inventory related staffs and those who wish to attain the knowledge and techniques, aiming to understand the Procurement & Inventory functions, and also the Supply Chain Management Concepts & Strategies.


By the end of the session, you would be able to:

  • Have a clearer picture of the Procurement & Inventory functions;
  • Maintain good relationship with working colleagues as well as external parties; and
  • Apply the Procurement & Inventory Planning techniques & Supply Chain strategies.

Course Outlines

Module 1 – Supply Chain Management (SCM) Concepts

  • Overview of SCM concept
  • 3 Important Chains
  • Upstream & downstream

Module 2 – Roles & Responsibilities

  • About Procurement
  • About Inventory
  • Professionalism & ethical behavior

Module 3 – Purchasing expediting

  • Improving Purchase requisition efficiency
  • Develop Purchasing expediting procedures
  • Supplier Tracking and expediting problem solving
  • Develop a purchasing expediting performance report

Module 4 –  Inventory

  • Material tracking & on time delivery
  • Material support strategies
  • Inventory reduction strategies
  • Surplus/obsolete/expired stock strategies

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