Productivity Linked Wage System (PLWS) establishes the link between wages and productivity. The system will ensure that wage increases proportionate with higher productivity, thus enhancing competitiveness at the company. This dynamic compensation system will directly reflect the company and individual performance to ensure organisation sustainability and individual motivation.


2 Days

Who Should Attend

Senior Managers, Human Resource Managers, Human Resource Executives and anyone who is directly involved in Salary Administration


By the end of the session, you would be able to:

  • Define the meaning of productivity & its application
  • Aware of impact, benefits and challenges in developing PLWS
  • Obtain the mechanism to link productivity with wages and profitability
  • Demonstrate the concept of value-add in PLWS
  • Benchmark with organizations which implemented PLWS nationally, regionally, and globally
  • Manage PLWS and pay wages which reflect the company and individual performance to ensure organization’s sustainability and individual motivation
  • Improve industrial relations

Course Outlines

Introduction to Productivity: What is Productivity?

  • How to measure productivity?

The link of Productivity to Profitability

  • How these two mutually support each other
  • What happens when wage increase is faster than Productivity increase?

The Mechanism of PLWS

  • Benefits of a PLWS
  • Simulation exercise: Horse Stable
  • Key Volume Indicators: Fixed vs Variable Costs impact on Productivity

Developing PLWS

  • Concept of Value Add (VA) in Productivity
  • International and Industrial Benchmarking: VA perspectives
  • The 6 Major Productivity Indicators linked to VA (used by many countries)
  • Using VA to look at Productivity Improvement
  • How to calculate wage/pay to achieve win-win
  • Systematic measurements (Technicalities)

Implementing PLWS

  • The Human Aspects: Communicating the right message, Managing Change
  • The Numbers Exercise
  • System concepts
  • How to manage Productivity-linked Wage System

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