A Better Kind of Team Building in Malaysia

GIN-team-building-1Whether you are looking for a team building event to have fun together, harness better teamwork, enrich values or drive results, GIN has the experience and the expertise to deliver it. We knows when, where, what and how to deliver a Fun, Meaningful and Effective team building experience to your organization. We will analyze your organization and participant’ needs  to craft and deliver a customized memorable team building event.

We’ll be With You Every Step of the Way

Whether your event is for 10 or 1,000 participants, we’ll take care of all your needs. Through our simple interview and customization process, we will get to know you and your goals. We will choose our best trainers who will go above and beyond to ensure your team building activities are effective.

Team Building Approach

Effective organization requires the right “fit” of employees. To achieve the right “fit”, we would need to merge employee personal values, team values, together with the organization values, in order to achieve high performance. Every organization is unique; hence we customize the team building event based on our client objectives, cultures, and people. Through our special designed experiential learning activities, we assure our client that their objectives will be achieved.

Our Team Building Activities

Researches have shown that people learn much more effective in experiencing than listening to a lecture or reading a book. Our team building games and activities are carefully designed for our Malaysian crowds to learn in a memorable and fun way. GIN’s successful formula in team building is contributed by it’s diversity indoor and outdoor activities that consists of:

  • Team Competition Games
  • Ice Breaking Games
  • Activities-Based Games
  • Problem Solving / Decision Making-Based Games
  • Skills-Based Games
  • Personality-Based Games
  • Quizzes and Puzzles
  • Game Briefing and Debriefing
  • Sharing and Discussion

Each activities serve different purposes and every individuals benefits varies from each type of activities. There is no single best team building model for everyone, there is only best suited customized team building programe for different group of participants. Below show some of the important messages that are behind the games and activities:

  • Be on time and responsible
  • Solve issue in win-win situation
  • Good communication between colleagues
  • Realize we are all a family
  • Learn about trust, tolerance and love
  • Realize we are a channel to comment, suggest, and feedback
  • Work and discuss together to improve, compliment each other strength and weakness
  • Care for others, Be understanding and a good listener

Indoor Team Building Games / Ice Breaking Games

GIN indoor team building activities offers great varieties to suit different group of target audience such as

  • Blue collar to white collar workers
  • Generation X, Y to Z
  • Newly joined, junior to senior team members
  • Cross cultural based teams
  • and across different manufacturing and service sectors.

GIN team building activities are passionately designed to make sure the participants not only experience the greatest joy and fun, but at the same time they learn about core values they could bring back to their workplace, their team and their organization.  Below are some photos that show our indoor team building games and ice breaking games:

Team Building Indoor 2
Team Building Indoor 3
Team Building Indoor 4
Team Building Indoor 5
Team Building Indoor 7
Team Building Indoor 8
Team Building Indoor 10
Team Building Indoor 11


Blindfold Games

Blindfold Team Building Games

Blindfold games test how the participants react when they are taken into an unfamiliar environment as their ability to use their eyes are removed. The games focus on the communication skill, problem solving skill, cooperation, trust and teamwork.

Balloon Games

Baloon Team Building Games

Balloon games are fun and quick ice breaking games. Various balloon games are available such as Catch the Balloon, Balloon Balls, Balloon Questions, Balloon Holding Challenge, Balloon Switch and many more.

Cardboard Games

Cardboard Team Building Games

Your team will design and build card boards into bridge, boat, car or structure. These high engaging cardboard activity requires everyone in the team to collaborate, communicate and turning ideas into actions.

Photo Hunts

Photo Hunt Team Building Games

Photo Hunt is a fun team-based activity where team need to capture memories of places and things. This face paced activity tested the team ability in leadership, team work and forming strategies in accomplish task with the most efficient way.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Grand Puzzle Team Building Games

Teams must work together to complete a puzzle as quickly as possible. Leadership and communication are crucial in this game and strategy is required to become the top team.

Pipe Games

Pipe Team Building Games

The Pipe games involves moving marbles or different sized balls or even water down the given pipes. This activity enhances problem solving and communication skills of the team. Every members contribution are appreciated and are crucial.

Hula Hoop Games

Hula Hoop Team Building Games

The Hula Hoop games are fun but are surely more difficult than it looks. Variety of the games include Hula Hoop Down, Hula Hoop Pass and many more. The activity encourage not only the teamwork and cooperation, but to also get your team to bond by having fun together.

Bull Ring Games

Bull Ring Team Building Games

Bull Ring game is fun and your team will not forget and relates easily back to work. Bull ring game involves moving a ball from one location to another location. It tested the team ability to communicate and cooperate.

Paper Games

Paper Games

Papers and instructions are given to your team to accomplish certain interesting tasks such as building objects, solving quizzes and many more. Paper games are extremely fun for all type of participants and can be easy or challenging depending on the objectives.



High in energy and participation, our quizzes activity will keep you laughing from start to finish, providing your team with an entertainment experience that is not to be missed. Quizzes can be designed around organization background and product knowledge.

Masterchef Cooking Games

Masterchef Team Building

Masterchef is popular and gives an memorable culinary experience for your team. The activity requires hard work and commitment of the entire team. The result of great teamwork will produce great food for the team!

Cup Games

Cup Games Team Building

Similarly to Paper games, Cup games varies a lot and can be customized based on your team building objectives. Cup games are fun and can be fast paced and challenging. It requires innovation skill and team work of your team to achieve great result.

Outdoor Team Building Activities

Discover the most beautiful places in Malaysia during your team building event. Depending on the venue and location, team building experience can be enhanced with various fun and exciting activities such as:

  • Back to Nature
  • Water Activities
  • Outdoor Games
  • and many others such as Karaoke, BBQ, Visiting Local Attractions

Back to Nature

Malaysia is a land of incredible biodiversity and natural beauty. If you love to have adventures in the great outdoors, there are many choices of places where they offer perfect outdoor activities for your team.

Canopy Walk / Treetop walk

Canopy Walk Team Building Malaysia

Jungle Trekking

Jungle Trekking Team Building Malaysia

River Trekking

River Trekking Team Building Malaysia

Night Trekking

Night Trekking Team Building Malaysia


Fishing Team Building Malaysia

Animal Observation

Animal Observation Team Building Malaysia

Cave Exploration

Cave Exploration Team Building Malaysia

Mountain Hiking

Mountain Hiking Team Building Malaysia

Water Activities

With Malaysia’s pristine waters, beaches and rivers, Malaysia is an ideal destination for water activities. Some of the preferred water activities during team building are:


Canoeing Team Building Malaysia

Boat Cruise

Boat Cruise Team Building Malaysia

Waterfall Exploration

Waterfall Exploration Team Building Malaysia

White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting Team Building Malaysia


Kayaking Team Building Malaysia

Outdoor Games

Fun and friendly games out in the fresh air is a fantastic way to break down barriers, encourage positive bonding and effective communication within your team members. Check out some of our outdoor games below:

Map Reading / Compass Games

Map Reading / Compass Team Building Malaysia

Go Kart Racing

Go Kart Racing

Flying Fox

Flying Fox Team Building Malaysia

Obstacle Courses

Obstacle Courses Team Building Malaysia


Paintball Team Building Malaysia


Abseiling Team Building Malaysia


Archery Team Building Malaysia

ATV Ride

ATV Ride Team Building Malaysia


Telematch Team Building Malaysia


Explorace Team Building Malaysia

Team Building Themed Programs

Everyone Counts

Master Chef Competition

Popular Movie Theme

Camera, Roll, Action

Body, Mind and Soul

The Amazing Game

Team Survival

Team Building Location and Venue

Malaysia is a country blessed with multiculturalism and resources, there are many breathtaking places where your team could choose to experience a beautiful and unforgettable memory of being together. Some of the most requested team building venues in Malaysia are:

Genting Highland, Pahang

Genting Highland Team Building Malaysia

Accessible from Kuala Lumpur in one hour by car, Genting Highlands is one of the most popular venue located in Pahang. Having the largest hotel in the world, it also offers an impressive number of entertainment and activities such as concert, casino, shopping center and theme parks.

Port Dickson, Seremban

Port Dickson Team Building Malaysia

Port Dickson is a coastal town which is only one hour drive from Kuala Lumpur that offers wonderful beaches, water sports, ostrich farm, army museum and one of the iconic hotels in Malaysia – Lexis Hibiscus.

Taman Negara, Pahang

Taman Negara Team Building Malaysia

Taman Negara, one of the oldest tropical rainforest, contain more than half of the plants species in the world. 3 hours of drive from Kuala Lumpur, Taman Negara is one of the favourite places for team building and back-to-nature. Bond your team with activities such as canopy walk, jungle trek, boat cruise, cave exploration and many more.

Broga Hill, Selangor

Broga Hill Team Building Malaysia

Broga Hill, at 400 meters high and situated in Semenyih, Selangor. It offers an awesome experience for your team to get away from busy city life, yet it is only 40 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur City Centre. Broga Hill doesn’t need you to be an expert to enjoy the hike as the peak can be reached within an hour.


Ipoh Team Building Malaysia

Ipoh, the city which was listed by Lonely Planet as one of the best Asian destinations to visit in 2016, is popular for it’s british colonial-era archituecture, affordable and tasty food, and it’s amazing landscape. As the third largest city in Malaysia by population, it has plentiful excellent venues to offer for your team building event.


Melaka Team Building Malaysia

Melaka, dubbed “The History State”, has been listed as a UNESCO world heritage site since 2008. With impressive attractions in the city such as the Jonker Street, Christ Church, Stadthuys and A’Famosa, Melaka is one of the most visited places by tourists and event organizers.

Langkawi Island

Langkawi Island Team Building Malaysia

Langkawi Island, the jewel of Kedah, can be reached by taking ferry from Penang for approximately 3 hours. Langkawi Island is all in exploring its nature and can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages. Attractions such as underwater world, wildlife park, museum, fruit farm and boat tours are worth a visit.


Penang Team Building Malaysia

Penang, also known as the “Pearl of the Orient” or “the Silicon Valley of the East”, is a vibrant, dynamic and one of the Malaysia’s most urbanised state. Not to mention that George Town Penang is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Penang is a great place if your team like to experience both the old and new as well as urban and rural.

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur Team Building Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, the national capital of Malaysia and it’s largest city, is home to the iconic building Petronas Twin Towers. As the Malaysia top business destinations, it has various number of top quality and award winning facilities for corporate meeting and team building purposes.


Johor Team Building Malaysia

Johor, the southernmost state in Peninsular Malaysia, is located next to Singapore. Johor has a number of breathtakingly beautiful and fascinating places for team building such as Endau-Rompin National Park, Sibu Island, Desaru Beach, Legoland, Forest City and Iskandar Malaysia.

Janda Baik, Pahang

Janda Baik Team Building Malaysia

Janda Baik is a small village around 1 hour driving distance from Kuala Lumpur that is surrounded with ancient natural tropical rain forest. Janda Baik offers amazing team building experience for those who need a break from the city life and gets back to the mother nature. Things you can explore in Janda Baik are bird watching, waterfall trails, 4WD trails, mountain biking, hill cycling, water rafting and fishing.

Gopeng, Perak

Gopeng Team Building Malaysia

Gopeng, 2 hours from Kuala Lumpur and 20 minutes from Ipoh, was a town started by Chinese immigrants that were attracted by the once booming tin mining industry in the early 1900. Gopeng is excellent choice for team building and for activities such as exploring Gua Tempurung, Gaharu Tea Valley and water rafting.

Lost World of Tambun, Perak

Lost World of Tambun Team Building Malaysia

The Sunway Lost World of Tambun is a 40-acre theme park with plenty of locations to visit such as the natural hot spring, water park, amusement park, petting zoo, tin valley water park and adventure park. It’s hot spring and water park, which is opened by day and night, is a great and relaxing activities enjoyable by both adults and children. Overall a great experience for team building, meeting and family day activities.

Cameron Highlands, Pahang

Cameron Highlands Team Building Malaysia

Cameron Highlands, as one of the oldest tourist spots in Malaysia, it also a favourite team building spot by many corporations. Cameron Highlands, reachable within 3 hours of driving distance from Kuala Lumpur, is noted for its cool and comfortable weather. Various attractions include strawberry farms, Boh Tea Plantation, Agro Technology Park, Cactus Valley and various hiking trails such as the Mossy Forest trail.

A’Famosa Resort, Melaka

A Famosa Team Building Malaysia

A’Famosa Resort, as a one-stop destination for family day and team building, it offers a lot of activities for everyone include Microlight, Paintball, Abseiling,kite flying, horse riding, fishing, cycling and many more. A’Famosa Resort attractions include a 27 hole golf course, the Animal World Safari, the Water World Theme Park and the Cowboy Town.

Berjaya Hills Resort, Pahang

Berjaya Hills Resort, Team Building Malaysia

Bejaya Hills Resort, is a French-themed resort that borrows a distinctive design theme from the 16th century Colmar Village in Alsace, France. About 40 to 45 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur, Berjaya Hills is the perfect team building venue for those who look for a distinctive atmosphere and a wide range of facilities such as horse riding, paintball venue, team building circuit, with a rock climbing wall and canopy walk to the jungle.

Pulau Banding / Belum Rainforest

Pulau Banding and Belum Rainforest Team Building Malaysia

Pulau Banding / Belum Rainforest, part of the Belum-Temenggor Forest Reserve which is the largest continuous forest complex in Peninsular Malaysia. Belum-Temenggor is believed to have been in existence for over 130 million years making it one of the world’s oldest rainforests, older than both the Amazon and the Congo. In the heart of the forest lies the man-made lake of Tasik Temenggor, covering 15,200 Hectares which is dotted with hundreds of islands. It makes an ideal base for team building and nature lovers to explore and adventure the untouched areas.

Team Profiling Report (Optional)

GIN-team-building-2It is essential to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each member in the team in order to build a strong, balanced and capable group of employees to contribute to all organization goals and successes. All members are strongly suggested to participate in the team profiling test before the team building begins. The team profiling report is a great tool for participants to improve their
– Leadership skills,
– Communication skills,
– Performance & Productivity and
– Teamwork

Ask for a Team Building Proposal Now

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