Team Building Activities

Researches have shown that people learn much more effective in experiencing than listening to a lecture or reading a book. Our team building games and activities are carefully designed for our Malaysian crowds to learn in a memorable and fun way. GIN’s successful formula in team building is contributed by it’s diversity indoor and outdoor activities that consists of:

  • Team Competition Games
  • Ice Breaking Games
  • Activities-Based Games
  • Problem Solving / Decision Making-Based Games
  • Skills-Based Games
  • Personality-Based Games
  • Quizzes and Puzzles
  • Game Briefing and Debriefing
  • Sharing and Discussion

Each activities serve different purposes and every individuals benefits varies from each type of activities. There is no single best team building model for everyone, there is only best suited customized team building programe for different group of participants. Below show some of the important messages that are behind the games and activities:

  • Be on time and responsible
  • Solve issue in win-win situation
  • Good communication between colleagues
  • Realize we are all a family
  • Learn about trust, tolerance and love
  • Realize we are a channel to comment, suggest, and feedback
  • Work and discuss together to improve, compliment each other strength and weakness
  • Care for others, be understanding and a good listener

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